Knife «МСМ-308»

Price: 30 000 RUB.

Steel Böhler М390 Microclean – is a premium powder steel of 3rd generation.

This kind of modern powder steel contains durability, corrosion resistance and high impact strength.

Not everybody can achieve a correct tempering of this steel. It is not surpising, because it is a complicated technological process, which requires expensive vacuum equipment.

We can assure that this steel was made according technological specifications of CEO of Böhler-Uddeholm AG.

It means that we can qaruantee a high quality of the product!

Materials: steel M390 (Böhler- Uddeholm AG), melchior, black hornbeam.

Overall length: 240  mm.

Blade length: 120 mm.

Blade thickness: 4 mm.
Blade width: 30 mm.

Handle thickness: 20 мм

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