Knife «Talon»

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Knife by: Sergey Bobkov
Materials: steel H12MF, ebony, skin.

Technics: forging, bench work, burnishing, carving.

Length of blade: 190 mm;
Overall length: 310 mm;
Legendary “Samsonov knives” of Sergey Bobkov

      The remarkable one-piece blades, solid handle and hard sheath. Replicas are made in full accordance with the size and balance of these Samsonov knives from Tula. Knives and sheaths are identical models produced by Egor Samsonov at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries.
Many years have passed, but still among the elite hunting knives, the most popular are Samsonov knives for hunting on the big animals. And, perhaps, one of a kind “bear” knife – a knife able to withstand the bear claws and fangs. The black color of the device from blued steel and bright shiny damask blade – all reliable, rigorous and highly reusable code. Not the slightest hint of embellishment – just naked functionality.

Egor Samsonov was the master of the highest category – his knives used by many famous people of that time. Even Tsar Nikolay II had the privilege of owning  Samsonov knivesSo on the blades appeared the label “supplier of the Imperial Society of hunting – Egor Samsonov in Tula.” Due to the fact that these samples are made not in ХIX, and in the ХXI century we can say that knives are not only not lost, but gained new strengths. This new grade of steel and more adjusted proportions and a more precise fit for all the details.
Knife instills confidence and strength in its owner, the pride and awe in a person who holds it. 
Samsonov Knife  – is part of our history with you – Sergey Bobkov gives us joy to take the knife with which the kings went to the bear hunting.Samsonov Knife  – a true friend and a pearl of any hunter’s collection.

General view of the blade always remains the same, but some patterns can be decorated in a classic style engraving, knife blades are made of different materials – carbon steel with carburizing “Samson” method, patterned steel, damascus, wootz.  

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