Samsonov dagger ``Homyachy``

Price : 53 500 RUB

Blade: S. Bobkov

Materials: steel H12MF, ebony, leather.

Technics: forging, heat treatment, metalwork, blueing, carving.

Length of blade: 102 mm;

Overall length: 200 mm.
The legendary “Samsonov knives” of Sergey Bobkov.


         The remarkable one-piece blades, solid handle and hard sheath. Replicas are made in full accordance with the size and balance of these Samsonov knives from Tula. Knives and sheaths are identical models produced by Egor Samsonov at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries.

Many years have passed, but still among the elite hunting knives, the most popular are Samsonov knives for hunting on the big animals. And, perhaps, one of a kind “bear” knife – a knife able to withstand the bear claws and fangs. The black color of the device from blued steel and bright shiny damask blade – all reliable, rigorous and highly reusable code. Not the slightest hint of embellishment – just naked functionality.

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